"Workshop on Key Technologies for Fuel Cell Hybrid Tram" Was Successfully Held
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On November 4, 2013, "Workshop on key technologies for fuel cell hybrid tram" hosted by National Rail Transit Electrification and Automation Engineering Techique Research Center(NEEC) successfully held in engineering center. Representative to attend this workshop are: Sun Bangcheng, the chief engineer of Tangshan railway vehicle co., LTD., Zhang Xiaojun, deputy chief engineer, Mr. Chris, Chief technology officer of Ballard company of Canada, Li Ran, the president of Beijing Blue Sky New Energy Technology Co., Ma Dongsheng, operating chairman of Beijing Blue Sky New Energy Technology Co. Prof. Chen Weirong, deputy director of NEEC, Pro. Ma Lei and his research team. The delegates conducted in-depth discussions about fuel cell as the key technology of city trams.

First,the delegates visited the first domestic fuel cells electric locomotive "Blue Sky" successfully researched and developed by professor Chen Weirong’s team. Professor Chen Weirong introduced the development of locomotive and the delegates gave high evaluation.On the workshop held in later on, professor Chen Weirong, Sun Bangcheng senior engineer, Mr. Chris, president Li Ran respectively delivered a speech and introduced the relevant information.The researcher of engineering center,Liu Zhixiang, introduced the development of fuel cell locomotive and fuel cell hybrid trams.Dr.Li Ming from Tangshan Railway Vehicle Co., LTD. introduced the development of low floor trams and battery/ super capacitor trams. The delegates conducted in-depth discussions about Ballard company’s new type of fuel cell technology module, the trams integration technology, hybrid technology etc. Ballard company is the world's largest enterprises to develop and research and produce proton exchange membrane fuel cell.Its fuel cell products have been successfully adopted in some countries. Mr. Chris said, we can develop the exclusive using fuel cell module in rail transit according to the specific requirements of the trams in the future. After a full discussion during this conference, The delegates have reached a consensus to strengthen the close cooperation and promote the commercialization process of fuel cell trams.