Vice-Chancellor of Hong Kong Polytechnic University to NEEC
Author:NEEC   Time:2014-04-15     Hits:9029  

On November 25, Prof. Wei Bing-jiang, the vice-president of Hong KongPolytechnicUniversityvisited NEEC. Prof. Feng Xiao-yun, the vice-president of SWJTU held meeting with the guests. Professor Feng Xiao-yun expressed our warm welcome to the visiting delegation, and made a speech to introduce the milestones and the current researches in NEEC. Professor Wei Bingjiang and his collegues introduced their research fields. After that, the both sides had a discussion and exchanged their views. Both of them showed it's specifically necessary to seek more opportunities for cooperation in the two organizations. The meeting was chaired by Guo Jun, the director of Science and Technology Department.

After the meeting, the delegation visited NEEC labs, TPL, National Rail Transit Lab.

The conference was also chaired by some experts: Gao Shi-bin, Dean ofcollegeofElectrical Engineering, Li Zhilin, Dean of School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Wang Pengxiang, Director of Beijing Research Institute, and Liao Jin, Deputy Director of the NEEC.