The Fuel Cell Locomotive Branch of International Conference on Hydrogen Technology Was Held
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On September 26, 2013, the 5th International Conference on Hydrogen TechnologyWHTC2013was successfully held in Shanghai Everbright International Conference & Exhibition Center. Academically and technically, the conference held by International Association for Hydrogen Energy(IAHE), is the most influential and international summit in the field of hydrogen energy. Fuel cell locomotive branch (D4 branch) was firstly held in WHTC. And it was firstly hosted in Chinaand it lasted for three days. Prof. Chen Weirong, as chairman in D4 branch of the conference, hosted the conference. Wan Gang, the director of Ministry of Science and Technology acted as the honorary president while Liu Zhixiang acted as the deputy chairman. The conference set up a fuel cell locomotive branch for the first time.

On the branch meeting, Mr. Stan Thompson, chairman of International hydrogen locomotive association, delivered a speech and made a theme report named “the origion and future of hydrogen locomotive”, introducing the development of hydrogen locomotive around the world. Dr. Arnold R. Miller, president of American Locomotive Company andInstituteofSupersonic, made two theme reports, “fuel cell locomotive” and “the supersonic flight in tunnel”. In the reports, he introduced the latest achievements of fuel cell rail locomotives inAmerica. Especially, a new vehicle design based on supersonic orbiter in the hydrogen distribution pipe aroused the extensive interest of delegates. Dr. Kevin Kendall, professor ofRoyalAcademyandBirminghamUniversity, singled out and highly praised the research of first domestic fuel cell locomotive in NEEC. Prof.Thomas Von unwerth,GermanKaimuniziIndustrialUniversity, made a report “the new concept of improve mileage Of fuel cell-battery hybrid vehicles", and Liu Zhixiang from NEEC, made a report “the economic analysis of fuel cell railway vehicles" respectively. Liu illustrates the first domestic fuel cell locomotive and analyzed the efficiency of fuel cell railway vehicles. Besides, Pro.Shi Naijian,MingdaoUniversityinTaiwan, and Mr.Edward Husng, the deputy president from NBT company also attended the conference.

Meanwhile, hydrogen technology exhibition was displayed in WHTC2013. In the booth, the research and development of the first domestic fuel cell locomotive aroused the great attention of participants. So they were positive about the potential for collaboration with NEEC and eager to promote the application of fuel cell locomotive.

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